TRIBES Upcoming Events

October 2020 – All Members, Zoom Update Meeting, exact date TBC

February 2021 – MC Meeting, Essen, Germany, exact date TBC

COVID-19 – Information for TRIBES COST Action CA18115

COST are monitoring the situation carefully and are committed to informing COST Actions of any new developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak, which may impact activities.

Current recommendations from COST:

  • COST recommend the use of virtual meetings until at least September 2020.
  • As different countries are implementing different measures regarding gatherings and events, COST advise all Actions to check individual country stipulations before planning any future meetings.
  • For physical meetings COST recommend all individuals purchase travel cancelation insurance, which is an eligible expense.

How COVID-19 is impacting TRIBES COST Action CA18115

  • Postponement of our next MC meeting to February 2021. Exact date TBC.
  • Suspension of STSM’s and ICT Conference Grants.