Meeting 7: Meeting Albania

Albania 6-7th September 2022

7th Meeting Albania 6-7th September 2022

Albania – 6-7th September 2022


The members of the TRIBES network gathered in Albania for the 7th meeting of the Management Committee and Conference. The meeting was hosted by the Mediterranean University of Albania in Tirana. Delegates participated in working groups where they considered their achievements over the past 3 years and planned for further outcomes before the end of the project. 
The conference was opened by the Rector of the Mediterranean University Prof. Adrian Civici and Dr. Vebina Resuli, the Albanian member of the network. 
The theme of the conference was “Participatory Action Research” with Young Migrants. A keynote was delivered on this topic by Dr. Audrey Doyle from DCU Anti-Bullying Centre and Dr. Niamh O’Brien from Anglia Ruskin University. 
Final plans were made to produce a film about migration and bullying and to publish a book containing research from the project in 2023.