Meeting 6: Transnational Collaboration on Bullying, Migration and Integration at School Level

Management Committee Meeting
UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France
May 10th 2022

Welcome to participants, verification of the quorum and adoption of agenda

Prof. James O’Higgins Norman welcomed all CA15118 Members to the meeting and congratulated the Members on their continued work to date during the pandemic.

Prof. James O’Higgins Norman verified the presence of two-thirds of the Participating COST Countries. 58 Members attended both in person and virtually from 26 Member Countries.

Recap of the minutes of the last meeting, e-votes and matters arising since the last meeting

Core Croup: report from the Core Group, including delegated decisions

Action Membership: New Specific Organisations and COST Members represented in the MC

Action Participation: WG membership and applications, New MC members/Observers and provisional substitution.

Budget status: summary from the Grant Holder.

Update from the COST Association (if representative is present)

Follow up and discussion on the:

a)  Action management: structure, leadership positions and other supporting roles. Mandates to the Core Group (if applicable)

b)  Implementation of the COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy

c)  Grant Awarding by the Action

d)  Progress of each working group

e)  Science Communication Plan

f)  Progress on MoU Objectives, WG tasks, deliverables, and Goals for the current GP.


  • Revision of Work and Budget Plan of the current GP (if applicable)

  • Draft plans for the following GP(s).

  • Upcoming activities

Monitoring and Reporting to the COST Association


COST Scientific Officer Rossella Magli advised the meeting that costs for the Handbook must be included in the yearly budgets. COST no longer offer standalone budget for final dissemination.

Vice Chair Prof. Hildegunn Fandrem advised the members that all Working Groups are asked to submit at least 1 chapter for the Handbook. Publisher letters to be sent out over the summer with a view to completing the handbook as early as possible in 2023.

Summary of MC decisions

Removal of Handbook costs from Grant Period 3 to be included in Grant Period 4 budget. MC meeting to take place in September 2022. Date and venue to be confirmed.


Prof. James O’Higgins Norman thanked the Members for their attention and again for their continued work to date.