Meeting in Belgrade

“Transnational Collaboration on Bullying, Migration and Integration at School Level”

30th March 2023. Belgrade, Serbia

Prof. James O’Higgins Norman welcomed the Action Members to the meeting, thanked and congratulated the Members on their continued commitment to the project and work to date.

Prof. James O’Higgins Norman verified that the quorum had been met. 57 Action Members attending the meeting from 24 Member Countries.

Recap of the minutes of the last meeting, e-votes and matters arising since the last meeting.

Core Croup: report from the Core Group, including delegated decisions.

Action Membership: New Specific Organisations and COST Members represented in the MC.

Action Participation: WG membership and applications, New MC members/Observers and provisional substitution.

Budget status: summary from the Grant Holder.

Update from the COST Association.

Follow up and discussion on the:

  1. Action management: structure, leadership positions and other supporting roles. Mandates to the Core Group (if applicable)
  2. Implementation of the COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy
  3. Grant Awarding by the Action
  4. Progress of each working group
  5. Science Communication Plan
  6. Progress on MoU Objectives, WG tasks, deliverables, and Goals for the current GP.


  • Revision of Work and Budget Plan of the current GP (if applicable)
  • Draft plans for the following GP(s).
  • Upcoming activities

Monitoring and Reporting to the COST Association



Prof. James O’Higgins Norman informed the Members

– The international Journal of bullying and prevention is looking for reviewers.

– The World Anti bullying forum will take place in October in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Members discussed the possibility of applying for another COST Action to build on the work done under the TRIBES Action.

Action: Members to forward idea’s for new COST Action proposal.


Summary of MC decisions

The MC Members approved the following additions to Grant Period 4 Budget and Work Plan

– Addition of Work Group 1, Work Group 3 and Work Group 5 meetings.

– Addition of Work Group 4 Publication.

– Addition of 2 Grant Awards.


Suggested Topics & Speakers:

Topic 1: Cross-cultural study on prejudice-based cyberbullying.
Presenters: TRIBES members Bojana Dinić and Bojana Bodroža from Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Topic 2: Extensive use of Metaverse technology: Impact to identity, VR bullying, migration, and ethnicity.
Presenter Dr Ljubiša Bojić

Topic 3: Modes of integration of irregular migrants in local communities and national education system”

Topic 4: Importance for the use of AI in the collection of data in irregular migration management
Presenters: Manja Vitasović and her colleagues from ICMPD

Topic 5: “KiDiCoTi project results” or Co-Designing AI with Children and Young People by Dr. Tijana Milosevic

Topic 6: School Leaders Experience of Participatory Action Research by Mark Ronan, Head Master, King’s Hospital School, Dublin.

Topic 7: Workshop by WG6 Technologies to tackle prejudice-based (cyber) bullying).
Possible VIP Guests: Head of the EU mission in Belgrade, UN Head of Mission, Crown Prince of Alexander of Serbia.